Is There A Mysterious Ghost That Haunts Cannon Beach Oregon

Imagine taking a peaceful stroll on Cannon Beach in Oregon when suddenly you see a figure wrapped in bandages walking along the shore.


Some Locals Swear That The Bandage Man Of Cannon Beach Oregon Is Real!

Sounds creepy, right? Well, locals and tourists alike have reported seeing this mysterious figure on several occasions, leading many to wonder who this mysterious bandage man could be

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I thought we'd have some fun with the theories that surround the Bandage Man who seemingly haunts Oregon and Washington.

The most popular theory is the mysterious Bandage Man is a dead logger who died in a horrific accident in the 1960s. that still haunts the shores of Cannon Beach.


Here are a few other theories:

1. The Shipwreck Survivor Theory

One theory about the bandage man's identity is that he is a survivor of a shipwreck that happened off the coast of Cannon Beach.

According to this theory, the man was badly injured during the shipwreck and had to wrap himself in bandages to stop the bleeding.

Some people believe that he now haunts the beach as a ghost, forever stuck in the bandages he used to heal himself.


2. The Tragic Accident Theory

Another theory about the identity of the bandage man is that he was involved in a tragic accident that left him severely injured. It is believed that he wrapped himself in bandages to try and heal his wounds and prevent further injury.

However, he was unable to get proper medical treatment and eventually passed away. His spirit is said to now wander the beach, still wrapped in the same bandages he used to heal.

3. The Local Legend Theory

Finally, there are those who believe that the bandage man is simply a local legend, created to add a bit of mystery and excitement to the beach.

They believe that the sightings are either fake or are simply people mistaking other objects or people for the Bandage Man.

However, the fact that so many people have reported seeing him over the years makes this theory harder to believe.

The legend has grown to the point that a major motion picture might be made of this wandering ghoul. The video above breaks down some other theories about the mysterious Bandage Man.

Have you heard of this Oregon State legend, let us know in the comments below:

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