There’s yet another round-about coming to the Wenatchee Valley, more specifically to Easy Street. Infact, seems like Easy Street end of town in Wenatchee is getting a whole facelift! Pretty cool to see all the progress. And have you noticed all the progress on the new Chelan County PUD building?! 

Now the Roundabout we are getting, it’s not a “single lane,” it’s a full out “Double Laned Roundabout!”  

I just got used to knowing how to use a single laned roundabout, now we add another lane?! What in the world. Ok, it’s fine, this is fine! 

How to use a Double Laned Roundabout: 

Simple enough right? Ok, if you are still needing a bit more help, keep these tips in mind,

1. You may only use the right lane if you plan on exiting the traffic circle on the first or second exit only (the first two right hand turns). But not if you want to use any exit after the second exit.

2. You can use the left-hand lane if you plan on exiting traffic circle from any exit except the very first right-hand turn. (You can use it on the second exit, the third and to go all the way around the circle if you want, but never use the left lane if you want to use the first exit on your right)

3. Don't change lanes inside the circle.

Drive safe! You got this! More Like WE got this, now at least hehehe. Remember to look both ways! Don't just "SEND IT!"

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Busy intersection where city of Wenatchee plans to build roundabout.

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