Mornings 6AM - 10AM

Breakfast Burrito

Middays 10AM - 3PM

Ryan Seacrest

Afternoons 3PM - 7PM

Wild Joe

Family guy and Jeep Dad (he will forever be a Wrangler guy), Wild Joe loves just having fun while you work with KW3 as well as on our social media. Plus, Wild Joe is a big sports fan (he promises to only root against Seattle teams when Philly is the opponent), loves to cook, travel, and watch lots of comedy movies.

Nights 7 PM - 12 AM

The Zach Sang Show

22 years old…went to college until they kindly asked me to leave half a semester in. I can only wear two different pairs of shoes due to bad juju, I show off my plants like they are my children, Olympic Gold Medal Winning Facebook Creep, I am as they say “honest” and some people say that I look like Ellen Degeneres (incredible compliment).

Sundays 8 AM - 12 PM

The American Top 40

When his not hosting American Idol or doing his thing on "Live with Kelly and Ryan," he's hanging out with you counting them down forty all the way to number one!

Sundays 12 PM - 4 PM


I was brought upon this world in the southwestern United States on the first day of winter. The same year Back to the Future traveled to the theaters and Nintendo took over living rooms. As an infant, we moved up to the Pacific Northwest in a town called Wenatchee. Where I now call my home. Like most of the locals, I grew up listening to KW3.