Show NameHours On AirDays On AirShow/Talent
KW3 Breakfast Burrito6 - 9aMonday - FridayConnor & Nikki
Wild Joe10a - 2pMonday - FridayWild Joe
Aly2 - 7pMonday - FridayAly
Zach Sang Show7p - 12aMonday - FridayZach Sang
Aly10a - 3pSaturdayAly
AT 40 Countdown8a - 12pSundayRyan Seacrest
Ricardo12 - 4pSundayRicardo
Talent Bios


Raised in Bremerton. Attended the University of Washington (I still love you WAZZU).
Got my break on KUBE 93 Seattle. Was also heard on 1061 Kiss FM and 929 ZZU in Spokane. I REALLY got a break and worked at Z100 New York City (Was on the air the morning of 9/11). Next came middays on Q104 Cleveland. My quality of life went up many levels, moving here to Wenatchee. I have been living here in the Wenatchee Valley since 2007. Married with 2 children. Give any cyclist love on the roads…you might be driving past…me!



Jersey girl. Vinyl junkie. Peanut butter obsessed. Refuses to use a full sentence. Addicted to “more”. Guilty pleasure: Late 90’s/Early 2000’s alt music. Favorite classic rocker: Tom Petty. Ended up in Central Washington via Philadelphia, PA; London, England; Honolulu, Hawai’i; and of course, New Jersey. Really likes semi-colons; like really. Oh wait, those were full sentences. #Failure. Radio maven. Professional Facetime aunt. Likes guys with beards and girls in glasses or vice versa.

Wild Joe



A small town girl with a heart of gold. Her mission in life is to make sure the people around her are loved, happy and laughing. She’s a firm believer that you can accomplish anything. She’s driven and ready for whatever life hands her, just make sure there’s coffee! Favorite Quote: Think Positive, Be Positive!

Zach Sang Show

22 years old…went to college until they kindly asked me to leave half a semester in. I can only wear two different pairs of shoes due to bad juju, I show off my plants like they are my children, Olympic Gold Medal Winning Facebook Creep, I am as they say “honest” and some people say that I look like Ellen Degeneres (incredible compliment).

I am also looking for love…lol.



I was brought upon this world in the southwestern United States on the first day of winter. The same year Back to the Future traveled to the theaters and Nintendo took over living rooms. As an infant, we moved up to the Pacific Northwest in a town called Wenatchee. Where I now call my home. Like most of the locals, I grew up listening to KW3. Needless to say, I somehow landed a job here at Cherry Creek Media over 10 years ago. WOW! I’ve worked with some of the most kindest, coolest and even strangest folks this planet has to offer. But the journey does not end here for me, or for you. There is still much to see and experience in life. So let’s take this journey together my friends.


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