February normally marks the time college applicants normally find out if they’ve been accepted.

The University of Washington, traditionally with the lowest admission rate in the state (admitting 46% in 2017) got knocked off by another school, which I admit I haven't heard of until today.

Scroll down to find out who.

We list the most difficult schools in the Pacific Northwest in each state alphabetically 

Idaho: The College of Idaho

The College of Idaho
CREDIT: The College of Idaho (via Facebook)

The College of Idaho recently replaced Northwest Nazarene University as the toughest school, in Idaho, to gain acceptance. It was founded in 1891 at a Presbyterian church in Caldwell, Idaho.

As of 2023, it was the 178th hardest college in America to get into.  The 131-year-old school with an enrollment of just over 1,000, had an acceptance rate of 48%. Annual net cost to attend in 2023: $21,343. The SAT range of students getting into the College of Idaho was 1050-1240.

Montana: University of Montana - Western

University of Montana Western
CREDIT: University of Montana Western (via Facebook)

Rocky Mountain College most recently held the title of hardest school to get into - in Montana. UMW in Dillon, Montana admitted 52% of its applicants in 2023. Back in 1893, the Montana State Normal School was founded to train teachers following other states' education models.

During the 20th century, the school incorporated four-year programs in other fields. In 2000, Its name changed - to the University of Montana-Western. SAT range: 890-1120.

Oregon: Reed College

Reed College
CREDIT: Reed College (via Facebook)

Located Southeast of Downtown Portland, Reed College is a small school with a 42% admission rate (The 108th hardest college to get into in America.)  The net cost to attend Reed is $33,980.  Reed does not place a strong emphasis on letter grades. There also isn’t an honor roll or dean's list here. SAT range: 1320-1520


Washington: DigiPen Institute of Technology

DigiPen Institute of Technology
CREDIT: DigiPen Institute of Technology (via Facebook)

Knocking off the University of Washington, as the hardest in-state college to get into - DigiPen Institute of Technology only admitted 38% of its applicants in 2023. The tech college, based in Redmond is in the shadow of Microsoft’s world campus. In addition to its Redmond campus - it also has classrooms in Singapore and Spain. DigiPen offers undergrad programs, in music, sound design, and computer science in a real-time interactive simulation. The net price in 2023 to attend here was $36,832. SAT range was listed as 1140 to 1340.

INFO: Stacker, US News & World Report

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