Parents continually consider their kids when planning their daily schedule.

Some families have the luxury of having their siblings or parents living close by - and be a great option for time with uncles, aunts, cousins, or grandparents. Not all parents have immediate family close by as an option.

The circumstances vary for parents the first time you leave their kids alone.

Sometimes you need to make a quick trip to pick up groceries 

You may have a hair appointment.

Or, you have to meet with a client to discuss business over coffee. 

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Is there a time limit for how long a child can be left home alone in Washington? And is it illegal to leave them home alone?

Real life happens. 

A babysitter cancels

Maybe you're in a situation where you won’t get paid until next week - and can't afford a sitter. 

Another scenario is that you're new to the area and don’t have the option to leave your kids with anyone you trust. 

What is the age at which kids can be left alone in Washington? 

'There is no federal or Washington state law regarding the age at which children may stay home alone or which should require hiring a babysitter.  It is recommended that parents take into consideration the skills and maturity of the child. Some children mature sooner than other children.' -Cloudinary

You need to know your child's maturity level.

You need to also know if your child can make smart mature decisions. You can also get a good read on your kids by finding out how they feel about staying home alone - to see if they are ready for the big moment.

INFO: Cloudinary

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