Homelessness is already a problem for America in general. Point blank, it's just sad and I wish I had answers but I do not.

Another homeless epidemic would be our fury friends!

There are around 362 million cats and dogs without homes across 20 different countries. Source


Here's what the Presidents of the Humane Society International has to say:

""Dog and cat homelessness is a hugely complex issue, this new data will help animal welfare organizations, policymakers, pet professionals, academics and researchers to better understand the scale and factors influencing the issue, which can in turn support the most impactful interventions." Jeffrey Flocken, President, Humane Society International (source)


What are some reasons pets are/ go homeless?

-Pet-Friendly Housing is few and far between: about 1 in 5 people are considering giving their pet up, because the next place they move to, does not accept pets.

- Challenges to pet ownership: from behavior to other factors like allergens, along with personal health and fitness challenges along with costs.

- Lost Pets: you know those pets that you see on social media? "Lost dog, please find..." a surprising amount aren't actually found :(



'The State of Pet Homelessness Project' 

What is that?

"They set out to understand the scale of pet homelessness and factors that contribute to pets being on the streets or in shelters, shining a light on the needs of a huge hidden population of pets today." Source

How is "The State of Pet Homelessness Project" helping?

The ambition of the project is to drive more informed and targeted action to help reduce homelessness and ensure pets get the care they need. Source

How can we help?

- Understand the costs, living and future of owning the pet, that way you can ensure you are keeping the homeless pet population down.

- Make donations to the Wenatchee Humane Society, or one of the many other Humane Societies around WA state and other states.


I feel like I've written a Sarah McLachlan and while I am sorry for the heartbreak, I am not sorry for bringing this to your attention. Let's help our furry animals and reduce the homeless pet factor.

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