If you keep money, passports, and precious items in your home's 'secret places,' you just might have to move your valuables. The people at Reader's Digest released a story on the popular places burglars check first when breaking into your place. We also give you tips to prevent auto theft.


9 ‘Secret Spots’ Washington Burglars Check First


That burglar knows this cold spot is a place where many store their cold hard cash.


Liquor Cabinet

Criminals know some families store their jewelry here.



This is the first place a criminal looks to find your ID & passport.


Under the Mattress

We’ve been stuffing secrets here since childhood. Don't do it.



The baddies look here for spare keys or hidden cash.


Dresser Drawers

Experts suggest: placing small valuables in a sock instead of a shoe box.


Bedroom Closet

The top shelf in your closet = is a popular place to hide items. So are your jacket pockets.


Medicine Cabinet

Oddly, burglars look for valuable medications.


Office or Desk Drawers

Valuables and personal info are usually found here.


Where you place your keys - is the key

Two ways to prevent you from becoming a victim of car theft.

  1. Don’t hang car keys right near your front door or in a key basket on a small table near the entrance.  Criminals kick in the doors - even if you’re home - reach for keys by the door, and dance away with your vehicle
  2. Know about the key fob trick:

Today's high tech thieves use a "relay attack" to nab the signal from your key fob, unlock your car and drive it away.’ -CBS News


To combat having your key fob getting "hacked" and losing your vehicle

Store your keys in a metal container, a pouch made of material that blocks signals, or a "Faraday Box."

In addition to following the above steps - Go Old School

* Use steering column locks * Set your vehicle's alarm * Place a tracking device in your car.

INFO: Reader’s Digest, CBS News

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