Long gone are the days of the average person getting their photo film printed. We have all just dove into the phone pictures, digital pictures to be uploaded to a computer, to even photographers have a “cd” of photos as an option to purchase. But what happens when you want to get an actual photo printed and put into a frame?! Where can we go to locally? If you are like me, when I get photos printed, I want them NOW. Haha No, I don’t want to wait for the photos to be shipped to me.

Places in the Wenatchee Valley to get photos printed: 

Target – As if you needed another excuse to go shopping at Target, now you know you can shop while you wait for your prints! 

Walmart – Yes you can still have them printed at Walmart! I don’t know about you, but as a little girl I remember waiting for prints to be done while we shopped.  

FedEx – Ya I had no idea this was a possibility!  

UPS – Again, had no idea we could print photos there. 

Costco – I'll never forget my mom bringing home what seemed to be this huge envelope of photos that were printed and the little “Costco” logo on the “here’s what we printed” sheet.  

Walgreens – Honestly, this is my tried-and-true option. They have an app called “Photo Print by Picta.” Wow was that super easy to use, get my prints and they were ready in about an hour! Super great option to go with! 

Now you know you have options, so use them! Photo’s make amazing gifts, spruce up a home and set a tone. I’m personally super excited to update all my picture frames!  

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