New Years Eve is just around the corner and as much as we want you to celebrate and have a great time, please be safe, have a dd, call an uber, call a friend.

Don't become a static.  Please call for a ride. Your life depends on it!

Staying safe and getting home safe on New Years Eve also means watching out for others on the road! Just because you made the right decision, doesn't mean the person in the car next to you did.

"New Year’s Eve and alcohol are a deadly combination on the nation’s highways, according to national statistics. A new ranking based on National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and other data shows Washington ranks No. 44 in the U.S. for impaired driving deaths.

The study from SafeWise, a website that reviews home security systems, looked at impaired driving deaths per state, wasn’t limited to New Year’s Eve fatalities. It showed 2.4 drunken or impaired driving deaths per 100,000 people in Washington in 2017." Source

Please do yourself, family members, your children, even your pets a favor, drive safe this New Years Eve and call for a ride if need be! Your life is too precious. We would miss you too much. By being safe, you are also choosing to keep others on the road safe as well!

Here are some local Wenatchee WA Taxi services:

AC Checker - 509-663-8294

Apple City Taxi - 509-662-2126

Or go to your app store and download the Uber App or even the Lift App.

Whatever descisions you make on New Years Eve, just make sure it brings everyone into the New Year, Safe and Sound.

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