Do you have Starlink Internet yet? Have you heard of it? We will show you what it is and where you can put it to the test at here in WA State!

What Is Starlink Internet?

Basically, it's the World's first and biggest satellite constellation. using Earth's Orbit to produce and deliver broadband internet. Strong enough to stream, game plus make video calls and more. -Source

You can access Starlink for yourself or even get it at a company rate pricing. Starlink touts itself to being about to give you access to the internet and more even in the most remote locations.

Places to put your Starlink Internet to the test in WA:

1. Steheken WA

While I will be the first to tell you, "Stay off your phone and explore!" That isn't always plausible. Maybe you need to get a hold of someone or vice versa, Starlink should be able to help!

Travel across Lake Chelan via the "Lady of the Lake," and explore the beauty that Stehekin has to offer, then update your friends on all you were able to see!

2. Blewitt Pass

The vast areas of Blewitt Pass, seems like as soon as you hit the pass, you lose cell signal! And then you are stuck in a line of construction traffic, bust out that Starlink and connect!

3. Any "hilly" area


Let's be honest, Washington is full of hills, mountains, rivers and lakes, plenty of areas to put your Starlink Internet to the test. Hills and Mountains are what makes the internet and cell coverage seemingly "tough" to get sometimes.

Where can you purchase a Starlink Router? 

Click here for details. 

This is not an ad btw, I am just really curious if the Starlink Internet will actually connect you in remote places, so let me know if you do put it to the test!

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