Summer is mostly enjoyable in Washington. Many Washington residents east of the Cascades have central air conditioning. Visiting my daughter’s apartment near Green Lake in Seattle - I noticed that she, along with many others in Western Washington don't seem to have the luxury of air conditioning. 

Hottest Temperature Ever Recorded in Washington

Is it just me, or are our summer months gradually getting hotter than I remember as a kid? Yet another record-breaking summer could happen this year.

Heat Wave Affecting Millions Hits The East Coast
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The highest temperature recorded in Washington was in 2021. That year in late June, Hanford reached 120 degrees. The same heat wave was felt here all around the state. Those who had central air conditioning were fortunate. Others had to find a pool, river, or lake to escape the heat. 

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Where Does Washington rank with the US Heat Record?

Washington’s hottest temperature isn't near the national record. California has the hottest temperature ever at 134 degrees. Arizona once hit a hot temp of 128. Click and see where Washington’s highest temperature compares to other states.

Coldest Temperature Ever Recorded in Washington

I'll say it. -48 degrees sounds unlivable.

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That's the coldest temp recorded in Washington when a harsh cold snap took the mercury down to cold temps in both Mazama and Winthrop in December of 1968.

Hottest Month of the Year in the World

In July of 2022, we had the hottest month ever recorded. NASA said It was the hottest month since 1880.

When I think of summertime in Washington - I think about the Fourth of July fireworks celebrations, Seafair in Seattle, The Waterfollies in the Tri-Cities, and spending time with my family on a beach, or at a backyard BBQ. We hope you and your family have a safe and fun summer this year!

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