Do You Have Some McDonald's Microsoft Money?

Anyone including those living under a rock knows that Bill Gates, billionaire extraordinaire, makes an insane amount of money. As of the time of this writing, he is the 5th richest man on the planet. That Microsoft money seems to multiply exponentially by the day.


Bill Gates is worth 117 billion dollars
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Bill Gates' wealth is estimated to be over 117 billion dollars. I wanna be that kind of rich someday, ha! I would settle for even just a fraction of his bank account, like somewhere in the 25 percent range, which would make me an instant millionaire.

ME: ALEXA, how much money is 25 percent of 117 billion dollars?

ALEXA: $29 billion dollars.

ME: Daaaannnng!


I still would be richer than one of the most popular wealthiest musicians in the world who are billionaires in their own right, like Jay-Z, Paul McCartney, Rihanna, and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Bill Gates is also richer than international musical sensation, Taylor Swift*.

I guess I had better get to learning how to code if I want to make that Microsoft money, but I think that I am too lazy to do all of that. No, I take that back. I wouldn't consider myself "lazy", because I work hard as friggin' HECK, but according to Bill Gates, if I was lazy, I'd be exactly the kind of employee he wants to work for him.

Did you know Bill Gates admits to loving to hire lazy people?

Lazy Employee

This is an actual quote from Mr. Microsoft himself: "I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it." Well, then sign me up, Mr. Bill Gates, I will be so lazy for you! 😂



The Richest Man in WA State Makes 158 Times More Than Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Is Worth 740 Million Dollars
Getty Images

Taylor Swift has a combined wealth of 740 million dollars. That means Bill Gates, the richest man in Washington state, makes 158 times more money than she does. She has earned her wealth by investing in real estate, going on sell-out tours across the world, getting lucrative endorsements, getting songwriter street cred (and royalties), and selling her merch.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift is over here wondering why I drug her name into this article and is like, "Why am I in it? See, I ain't even did nothing."

(Maybe I brought up Taylor Swift because I am a HUGE fan of Tay-Tay, okay! Don't hate, appreciate!)


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