Did you make a New Year's resolution to be more active? To do more cardio for your body, mind and soul? Have you already fallen off the wagon?

You're not alone - and it's not too late to get back at it.

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I just spoke with a local rep from a credit union - who suggested putting away money for savings, every month…and treating it like a bill that you have to pay!

This mindset can be applied with our exercise and workout routine. I can speak for myself. I really don’t have time to run, bike or hike. 


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I find that I have to carve it out of my hectic schedule and just dive head first into a 60 minute block for me - and only me. 


If you don't have 30 minutes to bike, ride for an hour!



Joining a local running club is a great idea for many reasons.

One great reason - is you can make plans to meet up and run, walk or jog with people with the same fitness level as you. Sure there are people who have been consistently at it for months, years - even decades.

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There are also people - who like yourself - are trying to make health and fitness a routine that they’ll stick to. 

I appreciate hearing Blair from Worx remind us that “if you don’t work out or exercise, you slowly lose fitness. In the same way - we slowly gain fitness by working out and exercising, daily”


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When the weather or air quality isn’t great - I find a treadmill to run on -  at Worx Gym in Wenatchee and East Wenatchee. 

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Something I need to do - and I’m surprised I haven’t done yet is to join a running club. We have one here in Wenatchee - that is FREE for you to join.

This club is called Run Wenatchee.

They’ll even give you a free running t-shirt if you start getting consistent with your running/walking routine!


Run Wenatchee invites new and experienced runners alike to get together for runs, jogs or walks - every Thursday. They offer group runs of 3 miles or 6 miles, on the Wenatchee Loop Trail.


Find out more - get inspired - and find community with the friendly people at Run Wenatchee!


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