Washington - See One Of These In Your Mailbox? Don’t Remove it

Experts recently forecasted another hot summer is on its way to all of us, east of the Cascades. On one of those hot summer days, you might find a dryer sheet in your mailbox.

Before you instinctively take it out - leave it. 

There’s a reason why it keeps your local postal work and your family members safe.

Put dryer sheet into a dryer

Who Places a Dryer Sheet in Your Mailbox?

It's probably your mail carrier who placed it there for their protection. Consider keeping that fragrant sheet there in the box - it will protect you too!

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Warmer weather means the return of flying and crawling bugs - some can be dangerous. Living east of the Cascade Mountains - we see the worst in the form of wasps, and yellow jackets. 

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Mail carriers walk miles, or drive around in those little white mail carrier vehicles - regardless of weather - every day. Some have been known to place something in mailboxes, to ensure they don’t get stung while doing their job. 

Why a Dryer Sheet?

They give off a strong scent that wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets seem to stay away from. 

What kind of dryer sheet should you stick in the mailbox?

It doesn’t matter what brand you buy - or what scent it is. Just make sure that it's scented.

What if you’ve discovered a nest in your mailbox?

The Common wasp.
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If wasps, hornets, or yellow jackets have set up shop and built a nest inside your mailbox don't wait - you should call on a professional to remove it immediately. 

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