We all like to think we live in a safe community, and maybe you do! Maybe you are looking to move to a safe city, and get out of where you are now? Washington State, I call home and have always felt safe, but these cities take the cake! Let's see if your city made the list of:

Top 10 Safest Cities in Washington State:

1. Sammamish

Population - 66,855

Violent Crime Rate - .3

City of Sammamish Website | City of Sammamish


2. Oak Harbor 

Population - 23,792

Violent Crime Rate - .5

Oak Harbor, WA | Official Website


3. Bainbridge Island

Population: 25,601

Violent Crime Rate - 0.5

Bainbridge Island, WA - Official Website

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4. Lake Forest Park

Population - 13,514

Violent Crime Rate - 0.1

Lake Forest Park, WA - Official Website


5. Lake Stevens

Population - 35,500

Violent Crime Rate - 1.0

Lake Stevens, WA - Official Website


6. Mercer Island

Population - 26,251

Violent Crime Rate - 0.3

Mercer Island, Washington


7. Kenmore

Population - 23,326

Violent Crime Rate - 0.8

City of Kenmore Washington


8. West Richland

Population - 15,817

Violent Crime Rate - 1.1

West Richland, WA | Official Website


9. Ridgefield

Population - 12,295

Violent Crime Rate - 0.4

City of Ridgefield (ridgefieldwa.us)


10. Snoqualmie 

Population - 13,875

Violent Crime Rate - 0.4

Snoqualmie, WA | Official Website (snoqualmiewa.gov)

Washington's 20 Safest Cities of 2023 | SafeWise

There ya have it! The top 10 Safest cities in Washington State! Did your city make it? I can tell you, mine did not, but that's ok. Cashmere, WA ranks are up there with safe cities.

By the way, those are some dang cool photos above from Instagram, taken by visitors, residents and passers byers. We can all appreciate the beauty of Washington State. The Evergreen State. Home.

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