New Trend: San Juan County workers switch to a four-day work week.

You read the headline correctly.

Starting this week, San Juan County employees (in the San Juan Islands) have started a new work schedule. They will earn 100% of the pay for 80% of the hours and 100% of the output.

Here's why you and I are rooting for this to work:

If the 32-hour work week is idea successful in the San Juans - then this revolutionary schedule will spread to more industries statewide and even nationwide. Myself and others would LOVE to have a three-day weekend - every single weekend! The four-day workweek would (on paper) provide better well-being for communities across the state.  

Back in August, San Juan County leaders said that companies that switched to the 32-hour workweek - had:

* Higher productivity

* Greater job satisfaction

* Less “Calling in sick days”

* Greater recruitment

* More retention for employees.

A major problem company leaders, in San Juan County and other industries across the nation, are trying to solve is a way to give employees a wage increase without increasing budget costs.

What this would mean to your customers.

As San Juan County county departments adjust their hours or close one day a week - they will give residents proper notice of the upcoming change in hours of operation. 

Your customers will see the new schedule and days off as the new normal going forward.

The new 32-hour work week will only apply to non-first responder jobs in the county.

Those staying with the 40-hour work week include: 

* The Sheriff's Office

* The Department of Emergency Management

* The Department of Public Works

* Superior Court Services. 


Here is the 32 hour work week story from KING 5 NEWS


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