Besides a couple of rounds of sh-medium amounts of snow a couple of weeks ago, we’ve had a slightly mild winter. When the snow returns - and it will - we all know a great hill to go sledding!

Remember to grab your sled at Hooked On Toys or Stans Merry Mart!


Lincoln Park in South Wenatchee


When the snow flies, we grad the plastic sleds and spend hours zooming down Lincoln Park’s big grassy hill.


Andi Tarr agreed on Facebook:

“When I was a little girl, I used to love going to Lincoln Park.”


My morning co-host, Aly said that she and her siblings would go tubing at the Loup Loup Ski Hill.


Tawny Sue commented on her sledding days in Brewster

“When I was a kid growing up in Brewster we would use the giant snow hills the plows would make”


Squilchuck Sledding Hill @ Squilchuck State Park

My favorite place to sled! The land closest to the trees & farthest away from the white two-story Squilchuck Lodge (available to host your rustic wedding and other group events) - has some wickedly good moguls, that get you some air. Important: Remember your Discovery Pass or pay the $ 10-day pass.

Kim Lehr agrees on Facebook

"Squilchuck or the hill that ran through the orchard next door!"


So does Ronnie Jones - and added  a great place to sled in Quincy

"Squilchuck and Monument Hill (outside Quincy)"


MsHeather Elizabeth also gives Squilchuck a thumbs-up


East Wenatchee


If I’m sledding in East Wenatchee - I’m doing it on the hill below Eastmont Junior High - across the street from Celebration Lutheran Church. 

Amanda Howard added her favorite place


Several Locations Sledding Locations in Leavenworth

Front Street Park in Town

If you’re in town for the weekend or just making a day trip -bring the sleds and sled right in the middle of town in Front Street Park.

Leavenworth Tubing Hill

There’s a great 100-foot tubing hill at the Leavenworth Winter Sports Club just outside of town. Prices?  $20 for 6 runs (It’s not based on a time frame like other tubing locations). When you’re done, hit up the Ski Hill Lodge for some hot cocoa and yummy snacks. Be sure and bring your sled and have fun!


Sledding in Chelan


Echo Valley

Go enjoy this great non-profit ski resort located between Chelan and Manson. In addition to the ski area, Echo Valley has a fun tubing hill area with 4 runs.


Sledding in Lake Weantchee


Lake Wenatchee Sledding Hill

Enjoy the  2 sledding areas at Lake Wenatchee State Park - Tubing and sledding is only allowed at the South Park designated snow play area. There are also heated restrooms at the park.   You will need a Sno-Park permit as well as a WA State Parks Discover Pass.

Sledding: 1900-1940

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