KW3's Connor and Aly invited Wenatchee High School Presents Director Paul Atwood to stop in, create some havoc and promote the upcoming all-district musical: Spongebob Musical (interview below)

DATES: Thu Nov 10th, Fri Nov 11th, Sat 12th; Thu Nov 17th, Fri Nov 18th, Sat Nov 19th

WHERE: Wenatchee High School Auditorium



INTERVIEW ON KW3, Tuesday morning (Nov 8th, 2022) at 7:55am

Connor & Aly: It's KW3’s Connor & Aly. You know who is better than a cup of coffee? Paul Atwood!

Paul Atwood: (yells loudly) Hello Aly! Hello Connor! 

C & A: Hello!

PA: I’m here to promote a show! Its Amazing! We’re doing Spongebob The Musical!

<<< Connor, Aly and Paul Atwood proceed to sing the Spongebob theme song>>>

PA: You guys have to come and see this show. We haven’t done an all district musical in a  long time since like Matilda. These young artists get come out and perform and show off and this is why I really want to come down to see you because Connor, you would totally dig the music - it’s by David Bowie, Sara Bareilles, Lady Antebellum, Cyndi Lauper I mean the list goes on and on and on

C & A:  I love that 

PA: I know! They asked all these artists to write this music for this show. it’s an uplifting show! Spongebob saves the day! A community comes together to deal with all their situations very much like that we’re dealing with now! It's a feel good happy musical that everybody needs these days! The costumes are amazing and the lights and of course you know  - the kids are just fabulous.

C & A:  It’s election Tuesday… It's so good to see your face and promote an all district musical, So Spongebob the musical is about to launch! Its coming up this Thursday Friday takes a break and then it comes back next Thursday Friday Saturday. Performances are at Wenatchee High School. Tickets can be purchased at 

PA: Or you can get them at the door. Do NOT miss this show. The word of mouth now is to get these tickets before its too late. Its a great show. We need some feel good Spongebobby-ness in our life!

<<< Connor, Aly and Paul proceed to sing the Spongebob theme once again >>>>

C & A: We love you Paul Atwood!

PA: I love you guys. Thank you Aly! Thank you Connor!

CREDIT: Connor
CREDIT: Connor

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