Washington has lots of trees

Washington state's natural beauty is a treasure trove of varied geography and landscape. From the rugged desert-like landscapes of Places east of the Cascades to Rainforests on the wet side of the Olympic Mountains. Leafy deciduous trees and rugged pine trees all call Washington home. Different kinds of birds call many of these trees home.

I used to look up, see a leafy nest, and think it was a bird’s nest. 

Tree in Wenatchee, WA
Winter-time tree in Wenatchee CREDIT: Connor

If you pause and observe the trees of your local neighborhood, you might notice large bundles of leaves perched high above. They’re easier to find during the Winter - with the leaves gone.

Tree in Wenatchee, WA
Wenatchee Tree - closer view CREDIT: Connor

While one might assume these to be bird nests, there's more to them than meets the eye. Many of these nests did start as a home for birds - many of these large nests with old dried-out leaves and twigs are home to - squirrels. 


These leafy homes, known as dreys, serve as cozy year-round homes for squirrels. Concealed by dried fall foliage during warmer months - dreys offer protection and sanctuary for squirrels. They have been repurposed and expanded upon to rest, stay warm, and nurture their young.  

Drea near WVC Campus in Wenatchee
Squirrel Drea near Wenatchee Valley College Campus CREDIT: Connor

So, next time you find yourself strolling amidst the natural splendor of Washington, take a moment to look up and you might just spot a drey, a hidden gem amidst the tree canopy, offering a glimpse into the fascinating lives of the year-round tree dwellers.

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