The website BEST LIFE looked into what is the top fear for people in every state.

If I were to guess Washington’s fears, I’d mention earthquakes, tsunamis, rattlesnakes, spiders, or mask mandates. Aly, my morning co-host has voiced her fear of the dark. 

My biggest fear? 

It's a toss-up between waking up late for my radio morning show or encountering a rattlesnake, mama bear, or mountain lion on my trail runs. 

Washington sports fans would probably mention

Owners of the Seattle Mariners never sell the team, the 49ers potentially winning a Super Bowl, or the NBA taking their sweet old time to bring back the Seattle Supersonics. 

How did they come up with Washington’s actual worst fear?

They looked to a company named Area52 - which used Google's Keyword tool. With this, they analyzed 49 fears - chosen from a university study. Those were then analyzed with Google Trends - to see what type of fear was searched for in each state.

So what is Washington’s biggest fear?

Being alone.

A top national medical facility gave its thoughts on why some people have a deep-rooted fear of being alone. 

‘Some people can trace their fear of being alone to a negative or traumatic experience. Potential autophobia causes include: Being ignored, uncared for, or feeling abandoned. Divorce or loss of a parent during childhood.’  -The Cleveland Clinic

Seven other states joined Washington residents who listed being alone as being their biggest fear. Others like Washington include Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Colorado, Maryland, Missouri, and Nevada.

INFO: Best Life, The Cleveland Clinic

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