Business Insider reports that she sold her Dassault Falcon 900 (which can carry up to 12 passengers) on January 30th. The sale was documented on the Federal Aviation Authority's website.

The recently sold jet, according to Business Jet Traveler - is valued at $44 million and until recently was registered at the same address as Taylor Swift Productions in Nashville.

Up until January 30th, Taylor had two private jets: the Dassault 900 and a Dassault 7X Falcon.

The Dassault 7X (seen in the video below) - can conduct longer flights and carries up to 16 passengers.

Taylor Swift will likely use her Falcon 7X jet to get to Tokyo for her 4 shows - if not, she'll likely charter a private plane - Source: Business Insider.

How has Taylor’s team faced backlash for her private jet usage?

In 2022, Swift topped a list of celebrities with the most private jet carbon emissions. Last year, in 2023 - Business Insider reported that she spent over 166 hours during the first US leg of her Eras tour.

Swift's spokesperson previously said that she had purchased carbon credits to offset her jet use.

How many miles will Taylor fly for the Kansas City Chiefs regular season and playoffs? (including the upcoming Super Bowl)

Our friends at have done the math.

Based on Taylor’s movements to follow Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs - including the upcoming Super Bowl: She will have flown 13,326 miles.

That’s gonna be a lot of carbon credits to purchase.

The Falcon 7X personal Jet
The Falcon 7X (not Taylor's jet) CREDIT: Farnborough Aviation (via Facebook)

This coming Saturday night - Taylor will bend the fabric of time

Taylor Swift is scheduled to perform from Wednesday, February 7th to Saturday, February 10th. Upon completion of Saturday night's show - she will be the first international female act to perform four consecutive shows. Assuming that she plans a midnight departure from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport in her Dassault 7X Falcon - she should conclude the 9 ½ hour flight just before 9:30 am Sunday Tokyo time or 4:30 pm Saturday - Las Vegas time.

If that hurts your brain - and does mine, know that Tokyo is 17 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time - that includes Las Vegas.

She’ll make it in plenty of time to have dinner and party it up - the night before the big game!

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