This one hits us right in the feels, as over the July 4 weekend, Shane Hawkins, the teenage son of late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins, paid tribute to his father joining local Laguna Beach band The Alive at a neighborhood block party performing Foo Fighters' "My Hero."

Several TikTok videos of the performance can be seen below, posted by @lagtownsfinest, offering parts of Shane's drumming during the track. As was noted, the song was dedicated to Taylor Hawkins by Shane during the performance, with another of the clips noting there was "not a dry eye in the crowd."

The performance looks to have taken place on the rooftop of a garage as some of the local fans that gathered started to mosh as the song played.

The Alive also posted to their Instagram, also seen below, stating, “Thanks to the Laguna Beach community, police (for not shutting us down) , @spliffriff_ and the @marcusskenderian family. Special thanks to @shane_hawkins_22 for sitting in.”

The teenage band had previously performed with Taylor Hawkins' cover band Chevy Metal, while Shane had also performed with his father during a Chevy Metal show in 2018.

The date is also significant for Foo Fighters fans as the band's self-titled debut album was released on July 4, 1995. "My Hero," though, would be featured on the follow-up album, The Colour and the Shape. Taylor Hawkins joined the band's touring lineup for that album.

Taylor Hawkins died in March at the age of 50. Foo Fighters and the Hawkins Family are putting on a pair of tribute concerts to the drummer in London and Los Angeles this September.

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