Man, do people get creative. It seems like everywhere you look; you think you know what you are looking at but, do you actually?

A recent redditor discover her teenage niece was vaping, with a highlighter! I am not kidding.

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"There’s a range of vaping products companies are selling online that are designed to look like everyday items. Teens are using these to hide their vaping from parents and teachers." Source

Below are just a few stealthy ways people are hiding their vaping habits.

Incognito Vaping Devices

Check your gadgets! These everyday items could actually be vaping pens.

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There's many reason's not to vape, but what are some real dangers?

Jackson Allard, he is just one example of knowing the real dangers of vaping. He ended up needed a lung transplant. With doctors leaving him with a very low survival rate.

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Bottom Line: Vaping isn't Cool no matter how it looks.

Don't get caught up in the smoke/vaper. Vaping is just as harmful for you as smoking cigarettes. Just say no.

What are the actual odds that your teen could be vaping?

In 2018, approximately 10% of 8th graders, 21% of 10th graders and 30% of 12th graders in Washington used vapor products on at least one day in the past 30 days. Source

Now, I am not saying that your beloved child, IS vaping, I am just saying, be aware. The devices are being made into "everyday products" to purchase. Many of these retailors are online too. Know the differences and know the risks.

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