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A recent study shows that two Pacific Northwest cities rank in the top 10 in the US when it comes to drivers being stressed out by road conditions, traffic, and more.

  These 2 cities stress drivers out big time.

HiRoad insurance has released information from a study that was done utilizing Twitter posts. About 1.3 million people whose Twitter accounts are geo-tagged (meaning they have location turned on) had their comments rated by TensiStrength, a data company, during the month of May 2022. The survey consists of comments posted about negative driving conditions, complaints, etc.

A wide variety of topics were listed, from overall stress behind the wheel to road conditions, weather, and more.

One of the categories was labeled "Cities with the highest percentage of stressed Tweets made by drivers."  

This is considered the 'overall' biggest category. According to the study, the Number One most stressed driver city is Portland, OR. Seattle landed at 5th on the list, in between the two were Chicago, New York, and Washington D.C.

As for what stresses them out? The top three conditions or factors are Rain, bad weather, and snow.  Other drivers using cell phones came in at 4, while traffic was number 5.

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Interestingly, though, no Pacific Northwest highways made the list of the most complained about roads. All of those were confined to mostly CA, (6) with a few in Illinois, Texas, and Arizona.

Which cities had the least stressed drivers?  

According to the survey, Milwaukee (3), Tampa, Florida (2), and the least-stressed city (based upon these Tweets) Jacksonville, Florida.

To see more of the study, and some of the other categories, click here. 

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