If you read the 2020 census report for Washington - we are the fifth fastest-growing state in America from 2010 to 2020. Our population went up -  nearly 1 million! Washington’s 7.7 million residents rank as the 14th most populated state.

The Problem with Washington State

If you google this question - You see the following topics: Budget · Economy · Education · Efficient Government · Energy &  Environment · Health Care & Human Services · Safe Communities · Transportation 

I don’t want to get political or tackle any of the above items - well, except our higher gas prices (by comparison with the rest of the country.) When Tim Eyman had the “great” idea to do away with higher-priced annual license plate tabs for our vehicles, Olympia devised a way to get the lost revenue - with a high gas tax. I’d rather pay the annual vehicle fee than get stuck with the insanely high gas prices every time I go to the pump. But that’s just me.

Forbes Magazine thinks they have an angle on what’s wrong with Washington:

Former Washington residents are finding refuge from the state's skyrocketing cost of living in places like Oregon and Idaho. Oregon's cost of living is 7% cheaper, while Idaho boasts the lowest cost of living among the western states. -Forbes


My honest-to-goodness thoughts on what is wrong with Washington State

We don’t have enough Fish-and-chip locations.

Closeup of Fish & Chips served in the newspaper

Skippers and Ivars exist - Whenever I visit my mother in Bremertion, I talk her into going to “All You Can Eat” fish and chips from the Skippers in Silverdale.

I wish we had more bike paths 

Activists demonstrate Halt By City Government On New Bicycle Lanes
Omer Messinger/Getty Images

Hear me out, we need more lanes designed like the Wenatchee Loop trail - away from normal roads and major routes. The kind of paved paths that allow bikes to get from one end of town to the other - without interfering with car traffic. I don’t like biking around distracted vehicles and drivers don’t want to be bothered with cyclists. It distracts drivers from their beloved smartphone.

The Puget Sound region and its insane traffic.

Thanksgiving Travel Expected To Reach Near Pre-Pandemic Volume
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

The I-5 freeway in downtown Seattle has six lanes in each direction. Planners could build twenty lanes in both directions and we’d still deal with gridlock. Even the suburbs and areas east of the Cascade Mountains are full of cars and heavy traffic. Why? Because Washington has the most beautiful scenery in America. Everyone seems to want to live here and drive.

We need more annual vacation time.

Woman in convertible with arms raised

People from other countries come to Leavenworth, Seattle, the San Juans, and Lake Chelan - because of our gorgeous Washington geography. People from other countries have a bunch of vacation time to spend. The typical two-week annual vacation doesn’t provide for enough quality of life.

We need a second national holiday to dress up and get free candy.

Trick or Treat the Ave 2023 (CREDIT Downtown Wenatchee Association)

Okay, we just had Halloween and all the great costumes, candy, and loud music (that we provided for Trick or Treat on the Ave) - but it would be great to have another one in late Spring or early summer. Someone needs to invent this!


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