Before you know it, it's Christmas. Presents, Christmas dinners, church, times with family and friends and yes, Santa Claus. 

If you have a little one like me, my five-year-old Jenna cannot wait for the coming of old Saint Nick and quite honestly neither can I. Like your kids, Jenna is a true believer and you know, I'm 33 and I too am a believer in Santa Claus. She'll write a letter to Santa and list all of the reasons that she's been nice this year and then list everything on her list for Christmas. Christmas morning will arrive and as if magic, there are the gifts from Santa.   She is focused on the jolly old big man in the red suit making his annual delivery. For me, and most other adults, the magic of Santa resides in our hearts. 

No one has ever said to Jenna, "there's no such thing as Santa," but eventually someone will and I will get the chance, like most other parents to share with her that Santa lives in all of us.    Santa is the spirit of Christmas and surely exists as much as the sky is blue, that water is wet and that the sun will rise in the East every day.   Most kids are skeptical about anything they cannot physically see. 

But you see, Santa, this time of year lives in all of us, so yes Jenna, there is a Santa Claus.  He exists as certainly as my love and generosity exists.  While no one may see Santa (except at the mall) but that doesn't mean there's no Santa; in fact, sometimes, the most real things in the world are those we can't see.   Ever see the tooth fairy? No but she's real in the hearts and minds of thousands. 

So, if your child is ever told that Santa's not real.... you can say, he lives and the spirit of Santa lives in all of us so, yes there is a Santa Claus.

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