How long does your family typically leave your tree up after Christmas?

Some families like to take down the tree the day after Christmas. Others will leave them up after Valentine's Day.

What is the average date Americans typically take down the Christmas tree? 

According to the website Opendoor:  84% say that they take down their tree and decorations - sometime in January.

About half or 51% try to take down the tree on or around New Year's Day.

When is the perfect time to take down your tree? 

When do people in Germany take down their Christmas tree?

Many people in Germany take down their Christmas trees after Epiphany. This year, it ended on Saturday, January 6th.

When do you start feeling weird to still have it up?

According to TreeTopia, an online Christmas tree store, a survey says the average American takes their Christmas tree down almost three weeks after Christmas Day.

This Christmas Holiday season (2023 into 2024) - the three-week mark lands on Monday, January 15th.

When did we take down our Christmas tree?

Our tree normally comes down the weekend after New Year's Day. This year it came down a little later - On Sunday, January 14th. (about average according to the Tree Topia online poll.)

Another poll had a popular day to take down the tree

According to Jan. 5th and 6th were typical days Americans took down their tree.

Does the 12 Days of Christmas song influence when to take down the tree?

In short - yes. This past holiday season, the 12th Day of Christmas fell on January 5th. 

The Three Wise Men also have a word 

According to Christian belief - the three wise men arrived at the manger with Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus on January 6th.

When does your family Christmas tree normally come down?

INFO: Open Door, TreeTopia

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