The condition of a person rescued Monday night on the Wenatchee River is not known. 

Chelan County Sheriff's Chief Ryan Moody says the victim fell into the high, fast and cold flowing river. 

"The victim fell in and at some point, became unconscious," said Moody. "The people that were going with him pulled him out of the river and started giving him CPR." 

The victim was pulled to shore between 7:30-8:00pm Monday, where he was also treated by an ambulance crew that took him to Central Washington Hospital.  

The raft turned over at a section of the river known as Granny’s Rapid near the Aplets Bridge in Cashmere. 

There have now been two rescue attempts on the Wenatchee River in the month of May. 

A 46-year-old man, Robert Spurrell of Cashmere, was assisted to shore by people in his group on May 4 near Dryden. Efforts to revive him were not successful, and he died at the scene. 

The speed of water flow on the Wenatchee River as of 1:15am Tuesday morning was 15,900 cubic feet per second, which is 41 percent faster than normal. 

The Chelan County Sheriff’s Office has cautioned the public about the current danger on the Wenatchee River because of rapid snowmelt leading to fast and cold flowing water. 

Shawn Ballard of Ballard Ambulance in Wenatchee has also warned KPQ listeners of dangers on the waterway with current conditions. 

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