Washington State is the 18th largest state in America. We have a rainforest, beautiful ocean beaches, multiple mountain ranges with active volcanos, and The San Juan Islands. Our largest city, Seattle - regularly wins the title of the worst traffic in America.

If you leave the hustle of the busy Puget Sound area, you'll find some interesting driving adventures.

What is the highest drivable road in Washington State?

Hart's Pass is the highest point in the State of Washington that the public can drive. Hart’s Pass was built in 1893 to accommodate the gold and silver mines. At the peak of the mining era, the area - was home to 1,000 3,000 residents, 3 hotels, a general store, a post office, a blacksmith shop, a sawmill, a power plant, and a saloon.


What is Washington's scariest road?

The one-lane dirt and gravel road of Hart's Pass Road.  Before you think of exploring this road, beware of the cliffs - no guard rails. The tight one-lane road has just a few areas to turn out to allow oncoming traffic to squeeze by. Don’t plan to drive up there with a camper or trailer which are both not allowed. RVs and motorhomes are strongly discouraged.


Where is Hart's Pass?

“From Eastern Washington, go west up the Methow Valley, up Highway 153 from Pateros, and follow the Methow River to Winthrop. Then continue West on Highway 20 to the Mazama Junction. Turn off Hwy 20 here and proceed to Mazama. Continue northwest past Mazama and go up Forest Service Road 5400 to Hart's Pass.” - US Forest Service


What is the steepest highway in Washington State?

Washington Highway 194. The rural, 21-mile highway is between Pullman and Almota, Washington on the Snake River.



What is the loneliest road in Washington state?

There are a bunch of lonely roads all over the state. The loneliest and quietest stretch of road in Washington?  State Highway 127, passes through the Palouse between the small towns of Dusty and Dodge, Washington. 

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