Yesterday, I went to the East Wenatchee Costco for my family's weekly grocery run.

Bananas, check 

Bagels, check

Pesto, (Costco pesto is my staple) check

Milk, check

It was just after buying the milk - that -  I heard a couple chat about not being able to find eggs.
(I almost interrupted them to tell them, "eggs are over there, refrigerated section, back row")

Then it was my turn to grab some eggs…wait.


Eggs? Nope. No eggs.


The only option on this day was to purchase "hard boiled eggs".


I asked a friendly Costco employee about it.

He explained a big factor behind the shortage -  and the doubling of egg prices since last year - is a recent bird flu outbreak.

The US Agriculture Department described the recent 2022 Avian Flu as a highly contagious strain that was fatal to a large number of egg laying hens.

The latest bird flu outbreak happened in February of 2022 - resulting in the death of more than 57 million birds - including the demise of commercial flocks and private backyard flocks

-Source: US AG Department 


Another factor is the spike in egg prices, has been the rising fuel costs

-  affecting higher transportation costs.

One even bigger factor to be considered - Is a Washington State law that just took effect at the start of the year:

Washington’s House Bill 2049 (signed into law in 2019) - Requiring all eggs sold in the state to come from cage-free (or better) laying hens by 2023.

-Source Washington State Legislature


If you do find eggs for sale here in Washington State, be advised that there is a 2 item purchase limit.

I used to own a chicken coop with friendly, egg laying hens. Highly considering getting more in the coming “Chicks season” at Coastal Country.

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