The number one tip for “Balancing Marriage and Family Life” (on is going out on a date - at least once per week.

Some ways to make this happen:

* Have willing parents (Read: Grandma & Grandpa)

* Find a couple willing to trade babysitting time with you and your partner.

* You could also make plans to meet up for a quick lunch date - packing your own lunch bag and park somewhere with a view, or hit up your favorite sushi place.

* You can also hire a babysitter.

How much should we pay a responsible teen to watch your kids?

I saw a few charts and came to the realization, that the bigger cities require a higher pay rate (The cost of living: Pay, mortgage/rent, groceries, etc.) which reflects the higher cost of living.

I also looked at average rates in smaller West Coast States - which seems to be a closer fit to what we should reasonably pay a sitter here in North Central Washington. states the average price for a babysitter in Washington State is $18.47 

Keep in mind that the statewide average rate is greatly affected by the average rate of $24.60 for a sitter in Seattle. (source -

Consider the average rates for babysitters in some smaller Western States:

Montana: $16.03 per hour

Wyoming: $15.88 per hour

Idaho: $17.03 per hour (The Boise metro - the same size as Spokane, effects Idaho's average rate)

-2022 rates from



Cover Photo: Babysitter and kid girl afraid of monsters hold smartphone shine a flashlight under the bed. "look, no monsters!" (Photo credit: Fizkes)

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