I’ve read numerous reports suggesting that we should get at least seven hours of sleep per night.

For Adults, getting less than seven hours of sleep a night on a regular basis has been linked to poor health. Including weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke or depression. - The Mayo Clinic

For those who know, I co-host a morning radio show with Aly - which requires getting up at “stupid o’clock” every weekday morning. Others might know that I am a grumpy grump grump -  if I don’t get to sleep by 9pm on the nights prior.  Thankfully for Aly and the 3s who listen, I  normally get seven to seven ½ hours of sleep during the week. Slightly more on the weekend.

SLEEP TIP: I've learned that i get better sleep, when my bedtimes stay consistent throughout the week.  I also keep my room as dark as possible to gain larger amounts of melatonin.


Nearly 70% of residents here in Washington State get the so-called required seven hours of sleep per night. (Statista.com reports that 68.2% of Washington residents get at least seven hours of sleep per night).

Where does that rank Washington in relation to others?

Washington State is not near the bottom or near the top.  Actually, we Washingtonians were ranked 14th nationally (just ahead of New Mexico and the District of Columbia.)


Top 5 best sleeping states

1 - South Dakota (71.6% - get seven hours of sleep)

2 - Colorado (71.5%)

3 - Minnesota (70.8%)

4 -  Nebraska (69.6%)

5 - Idaho (69.4%)

The 5 worst sleeping states (51 territories in the survey - including the District of Columbia)

51 - Hawaii (56.1% get at least seven hours of sleep - the worst sleepers in America)

50 - Kentucky (60.3%)

49 - Maryland (61.1%)

48 - Alabama (61.2 %)

47 - Michigan (61.3%)

- Data from a nationwide 2014 sleep poll from Statista.com

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