We’re just weeks away from the big day! There’s hardly anything more magical than snow gently falling on Christmas Eve and waking up to a white Christmas morning.

Will Washington get a White Christmas this year?

We’ve already had some snowfall East of the Cascade Mountains. Snow in the Puget Sound area does happen from time  - but will it take place on the magical day of December 25th this year?

For answers: Let’s look to both the National Weather Service and the trusted Farmers Almanac. 

I love how the Farmers Almanac - this tried and true publication boldly goes there and proclaims with full confidence: Will There Be A White Christmas Where You Live?

'Pacific Northwest: There will be a white Christmas across the Cascade Mountains and the Cascade foothills, but not along coastal locations.' -The Farmers Almanac


The National Weather Service’s (NOAA) Three-week long-range weather forecast prediction

Temperatures in most of Washington should be “above normal” for the timespan of December 16th to the 29th. 

The lower Southeast corner of Washington (The Tri-cities, Walla Walla, and Clarkston) should see temps a little cooler or just slightly above normal for this time of year.

Precipitation for Western Washington will be above normal.” 

The region east of the Cascades will see slightly above-normal precipitation.

Add both the prediction from Farmers Almanac and NOAA and here's what we’ll probably see on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Puget Sound region - RAIN

Cascade Mountain Range - SNOW

Cascade foothills (Leavenworth, Wenatchee, Lake Chelan) - SNOW

Inland Empire/Tri-Cities/Eastern Washington - RAIN (possibly rain mixed with snow)

Fingers crossed!

Leavenworth - CREDIT: Connor

INFO: Farmers Almanac, NOAA

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