Have you noticed an increase of bad publicity with our once beloved Red Delicious apples?

I do admit that the classic red apple of my youth isn't my favorite anymore. I DO have a fond memory from my elementary school days: Where I'd open up my metal NFL lunch box (the one with every team's helmet in the NFL)  The yummy contents would include a note from mom, a turkey or ham sandwich with cheese, mayo and iceberg lettuce...a small bag of fritos corn chips and a juicy crisp Red Delicious apple. I really loved those apples. Did you love them too?

The latest article on those classic big red apples was written by Erik Lacitis of the Seattle Times.

Erik’s headline seemed pointed directly at me: “Does anybody still buy Red Delicious Apples?” 

My response? 

Well maybe when I was a boy in the 70s or 80s.

Other tasty varieties have taken me away from my one-time go-to choice of apple. The first replacement was the Golden Delicious apple - same great taste, with a delightful yellowish hue. 

Are you old enough to remember the amazing/gargantuan sized apples that arrived in the Fall of 1980? The May 18th Mt. St. Helens eruption (in the same year) caused tons of ash to rain down on fruit orchards in Central Washington. That high level of fertilizer produced Red and Golden Delicious apples the size of slowpitch softballs.

I don't know if we'll ever see apples that size again.

My next favorite apple in the produce section was the Gala, (or was it the Fuji?) Also making making a huge splash was the Honeycrisp apple.  The new KING of Apples, has gotta be the tasty Cosmic Crisp.

Or is it?

A recent stat on apples shipped out of NCW Washington:

Showed that Gala is the king of apples (20%), followed by a two-way tie of Honeycrisp and Red Delicious (at 14%) RED DELICIOUS? Who’s still buying those?  Probably every single hotel chain on the planet. Ever noticed Big red apples in every hotel breakfast serving area?

Since moving to Wenatchee, I’ve fallen in love with other delicious kinds of apples  

You gotta try the Pink Lady, Jazz and Cameo apples. My favorite (for the money/value) is the Fuji. Sorry Red Delicious. You were my favorite. And I still love seeing you at a Marriott, right next to the waffle maker.

-Big thanks to Erik Lacitis of the Seattle TImes for causing me remember my first true love. (BTW, I enjoyed reading your articles in The Daily at the University of Washington)


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