For the first time in 8 years, the USA  qualified for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. 

Missing the tournament in 2018 stung (IF ONLY, CLINT DEMPSEY'S SHOT HAD BEEN AN INCH CLOSER ON TARGET).

My son’s soccer coach encouraged him and his team to watch the games. Because of the time difference, the matches are on during his school hours. And it's on when I'm here at work.  I don’t have a DVR to tape and watch the games. 

But even if I did, I don’t know how I could keep myself away from social media or people here at work to tell me the score.

Leah, My work buddy down the hall asked if I was going to stream the match: 


As my text message says, I don't have a way to stream the match...BUT She does! We'll get to that in a bit.

Here is the rundown of group stage games for the Americans on FOX and TELEMUNDO:

Game one: USA vs WALES, Monday (Nov 21st) at 11am (PACIFIC) 

Game two: USA vs ENGLAND, Friday (Nov 25th) at 11am (PACIFIC)

Game three: USA vs IRAN, Tuesday (Nov 29th) at 11am (PACIFIC) 

And for my friends of the El Tri (Mexico) here are the games on FOX and TELEMUNDO:

Game one: MEXICO vs POLAND, Tuesday (Nov 22nd) at 8am (PACIFIC)

Game two: MEXICO vs ARGENTINA, Saturday (Nov 26th) at 11am (PACIFIC)

Game three: MEXICO  vs SAUDI ARABIA, Wednesday (Nov 30th) at 11am (PACIFIC)



AS, I write this, The USA and Wales are up 1-0.

The US scored its goal in the first half. Didn’t see it.

Wait a sec...Here's a text update from Leah (my co-worker mentioned above)

CREDIT: Connor
CREDIT: Connor


I ran down the hall to see Gareth Bale drill a penalty kick for the equalizer: 1-1.

The USA still has 9 minutes of regulation time plus any extra time allotted from the ref.

Moments later, Leah walked over to my office to give me the news that the game ended in a 1-1 draw.

Oh well. At least we didn’t blow it and lose. Consolation for Sounders FC supporters: Jordan Morris was able to substitute in and provide some extra attacking chances during the waning moments. On to the next. I wish I could watch it in real time!

So, I’m guessing that the Gross National Product for the USA and other nations around the globe are gonna dip. These are extremely important, life and death kind a games!

I’m hoping that you have a way to watch the matches live. I’m also hoping the US and MEXICO can make it out of the group stage and onto the knockout rounds!

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