I'm A New Boater, What Boating Etiquette Do I Need To Know In WA State?

I've got some avid boater friends and it's always fun to head out to the river with them.


10 Boating Etiquette Tips You Need To Know In Washington State

As a novice boater, it can be intimidating the first time you hit the water so it's always good to know some of the rules (even the unspoken rules) so you don't become "that guy".

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As they say, a little education goes a long way so I've prepared 10 helpful boating etiquette tips to help you along the way especially if you live in Washington State.

10 Boating Etiquette Rules in Washington State for Newbies

Get up to speed on the rules of boating etiquette with these simple tips in Washington State.

That's our 10 picks that'll hopefully prepare you for the next time you hit the water or when you decide to get your own boat.

If I forgot a tip, let me know in the comments below and happy sailing!

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