I have pet peeves, some of them have to do with words spoken, by anyone for that matter.

10 words the World could live without! 


1. Moist - I feel like this goes without saying. And sure, you can describe a cake or the weather as moist, but please don’t.

2. K - While I know it’s a “letter” when used as a “word” via texting, it’s just rude, and takes no time to add an “O”


3. Bruh - As soon as my little one calls me “Bruh” it’s over, I don’t know what’s over but I’m not gunna like it!

4. Much - As in “Angry Much??” It’s like a slap in the face to someone who is upset. Rude as well.. Rude much??


5. Um - It's a filler for when you are thinking of the next thing to say, just stay silent!

6. Whatever - Is dismissive, and kind of immature.


7. Dude - I remember one time a classmate called a teacher “Dude...” Ya said classmate never did that again!

8. Whatnot - Goes along with “what have you” filler words.


9. Can’t - Oh but my friend, you can! (Unless it harms you or others, then no, no you can’t)

10. Really - Yes really! And this does have to do with context, but if you have to ask “really?!” it’s probably a “Uh yes really!!”


Maybe you know some words that drive you insane. Mind you, these words are not all annoying to me, I did take an office poll and these words came up. With that being said, I won’t be speaking anymore because I don’t want to say a word and have people cringe hahaha. Ok I won’t not talk, but I will for sure be more aware of my words. Bruh.

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