The desire to break free from the high-pressure demands of modern careers has been a common dream for many.

This is exactly why I chose to come to Wenatchee.

Since moving here in 2007, I’ve had a few opportunities to move back to bigger cities. Staying put, in a comfortable place has many advantages. 

It's the quality of life.

This is the phrase I’ve used to brag about Wenatchee. 

From the comparatively lack of traffic to the winding and abundant single track to run, bike, and hike on it has become my happy place. 

There are two other towns in Washington that others from around the county have come to notice as what many like to say “Escape the Rat Race” 

The good people at surveyed 3,000 professionals and found towns and cities in America for those aiming to distance themselves from the relentless pace of the fast city life. 

Participants were asked to name American locations where they would like to hit the reset button - far from their current demanding environment. Here’s what the Joy Organic survey uncovered:

Washington has 3 towns voted the best places to hit the reset button

#50 Port Townsend

Known for its Victorian architecture and maritime heritage, Port Townsend offers a unique blend of history, arts, and natural beauty, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a quaint and scenic life.

#19 Wenatchee

Located in the heart of Washington State, Wenatchee is known for its apple orchards and outdoor recreation, offering a perfect mix of natural beauty and small-town charm.

Wenatchee, Washington CREDIT: The Amazing Josh Tarr
Wenatchee, Washington CREDIT: The Amazing Josh Tarr

#12 Anacortes

Gateway to the San Juan Islands, Anacortes offers beautiful waterfront views, outdoor adventures, and a charming downtown, perfect for a corporate-free lifestyle.

Top Ten towns to escape the big city rat race

#10 Huntington, West Virginia

Known for its historic railroad, vibrant arts scene, and beautiful parks, Huntington provides a mix of cultural experiences and urban green spaces. The bigger towns of Pittsburgh, Washington DC, Nashville, Cincinnati, and Louisville are only hours away.

#9 Virginia City, Nevada

Known for its well-preserved 19th-century buildings and Old West charm. Life slows in this town, seemingly plucked out of an old-time movie. 

#8 Marble Falls, Texas

This charming town in the heart of Hill Country offers scenic lake views, outdoor activities, and a quaint downtown, making it perfect for those who feel unsettled with big city life. Need to escape for a big-name concert? Austin is not too far away.

#7 Ojai, California

Known for its spiritual and artistic community - you’ll appreciate the peaceful vibe. Ojai's boutique shops, art galleries, and wellness retreats offer a unique and rejuvenating lifestyle away from city life.

#6 Aiken, South Carolina

This town gives you a unique blend of Southern hospitality, beautiful parks, and a vibrant downtown, ideal for a relaxing experience away from corporate life. Want to raise horses? This is your place.

#5 Cold Spring, New York

Cold Spring emerged as the top pick of the northern states. With its stunning river views, historic architecture, and quaint shops. Wanna shop the glitz of NYC? Hop on the Long Island Railroad and you’re there in an hour.

#4 Paia, Hawaii

This bohemian surf town on Maui's north coast provides some diverse and quality dining. If you’ve ever dreamed of a peaceful Hawaiian home - look for a place here.

#3 Ferndale, California

A charming Victorian village nestled in a pastoral valley. It offers well-preserved architecture and a tranquil rural setting. This picturesque town is perfect for those seeking a slower pace of life with just a ten-minute drive to the Pacific Ocean.

Downtown Ferndale, California CREDIT: Ellin Beltz - CC BY-SA 3.0
Downtown Ferndale, California CREDIT:
Ellin Beltz - CC BY-SA 3.0

#2 Pulaski, Tennessee

Steeped in history and Southern charm, Pulaski offers historic attractions, beautiful architecture, and a friendly atmosphere, ideal for a relaxing and culturally rich experience.

#1 Kailua, Hawaii

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a Hawaii destination took the top spot. Located in Oahu, Kailua offers beautiful beaches, outdoor activities, and a laid-back atmosphere. It's ideal for a relaxed life away from the city's bustle.

INFO: Joy Organics

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