Hey, I'm Aly... I'm a little bit of weird, a little bit of humble, and a lot a bit of kind. 2022 was one for the books, from "Happy New Year!" to "Omg it's already December?!" I did a little questionnaire about my 2022, feel free to ask these questions to yourself, or even a family member or friend :) 

What surprised you about 2022?  

  • Honestly, how fast it went! My dad told me when I was in 4th grade “Honey, these years are gunna start to fly by!” and boy was he right!  

Did you do anything out of your "comfort zone?" 

  • Ya! Hahaha I colored my hair blue for like a month! I had super blonde hair, wanted to switch it up, and bought blue hair dye! Loved it but man does color fade fast. I colored my hair dark brown after I had a bit of fun with the blue hair 😊  

What did you do for “selfcare?”  

  • Made sure to keep around people who make me laugh, face masks, and taking time for myself. Taking time for myself can be hard at times but each night before I go to sleep, I make sure to breathe and center myself.   

Greatest accomplishment of 2022?  

  • Staying sane? Or Kinda sane? I saw a lot of ups and downs just like everyone else, but I still have my smile, my little girl, roof over our head and a great job! Finding myself again after a few bumps in the road has been fun!  

What have you learned about yourself this year?  

  • That I can be toxic-positive but that in turn helped me shield myself from toxic people. Misery loves company, and that’s not the company I keep. I’ve learned that I’m stronger than I give myself credit for. I can’t front with Ya; I have been in the deepest of darkest holes mentally this year and still kept a smile.   

What did you handle well?  

  • I’d like to think, my little girl. She and I have such a close bond and I believe I have been able to maintain that and her child spirit to continue each day with a smile and laugh. That little girl has my heart, and I always strive to do right by her.   

What sticks out as like a meaningful moment to you?  

  • Well at the end of August this year, I took a little trip by myself to Seattle to watch a concert. I hadn’t ever taken Stevens Pass by myself, so that was cool, seeing the views, listening to music only I wanted to listen to and getting a hotel for the night. Highly recommend “treating yourself.” I just remember this feeling of “Ok, I’m doing this!”   

What are you most grateful for, for 2022?  

  • Without getting too sappy, the first being of course my little girl, but the second? The chance at new stuffs! I'm not talking items; I’m talking views of life. Moved to a new town, got a cute place for my little and I, and I am just so dang happy for the life we are building! It’s always a work in progress, no matter what year we are ending or beginning, but guess what?! We Got This! 

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