The Wenatchee Valley Skyhawks! The 2023 Season is about to begin! Are your cheering voices ready?! 

I got to sit and talk with Head Coach Rico Brown and got to ask a few questions.  


What are you looking forward to this season, besides winning? 

“Get the fans in the stands and Get the Fans in the Stands!” 

To be honest, that was the only question I got out to ask (in regards to himself) the rest was words of encouraging demeanor.  

“I’m here to bring a positive influence for the kids... Change the dynamic and let people enjoy themselves. I see the Wenatchee Wild banners hanging in the Town Toyota Center and I wan’t our team to bring home a championship, and hang our banner up with the Wenatchee Wild.” 

Housing, like Wenatchee Wild players, they need a “host.” Do the Skyhawks as well? 

“Yes! And people can e-mail, we just want to meet the family in person first and make sure we have the right fit for each player.” 

Coach Brown also mentioned what they looked for in players for the Skyhawks, and on the field of course they want to see talent, but they also have standards for the community as well.  

“Good Guys on the field and in the community!” 


First scheduled home game is April 8th at the Town Toyota Center against the Idaho Horsemen. 7pm kickoff!  

For all your information needs, head over to 


Let’s fill the Town Toyota Center and watch some awesome Indoor Football! Go Skyhawks! 

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