Ok, the Powerball, can we just sit and imagine what life would be like if we actually won the insane amount that goes up for grabs? Seriously, what if you got the winning Powerball ticket, and you are now a millionaire. What would you do?!? 

10 Things Aly would buy in the Wenatchee Valley, if she won the Powerball: 

A new car – I love my car, I do, but a nice shiny new one from say Pat Armstrong Ford would be legit!  

Home Décor from the Gilded Lily – You just have to walk through the store with me to see the twinkle in my eyes and the drool coming out of my mouth. Literal Heaven in Wenatchee 

I’d go out to eat every day at the different locally owned restaurants like Alma’s Kitchen, or even VN Pho (yuuuuuuum) 

I'd buy the radio stations – Helllooooo Job security! Momma didn’t raise no foo 

All the toys and games at Hooked on Toys – My house would be one massive play area. 

Donate to the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society  

Donate school supplies to the teachers in the valley – Heck they take care of my little one, I can help take care of them! 

Build an indoor fun place for kids – because it would be perfect for hot summers and cold winters.  

A boat – just so I can sing “I’m on a BOAT!”  

The 2.4-million-dollar Masion for sale up Pitcher Canyon.

Peggy Lord with BHHS Jessup Real Estate via Realtor.com
Peggy Lord with BHHS Jessup Real Estate via Realtor.com

Let’s be real, I’m not going to win the Powerball, because I don’t actually purchase those, but it’s still fun to think of the “What if’s” What would you buy? 

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