Need ideas? Want to look for christmas gifts or gifts in general from local places? We have you covered!

Here's Your Ultimate Guide to Shopping Local in Wenatchee WA:

Hooked on Toys and Sporting Goods -


Find anything here! From hunting and sporting good to TOYS. Yes Toys for kids like all the hottest legos, barbies and then some! Plus this is your one stop shop for the whole family!

Gilded Lily -

Find all the magical Christmas themed gifts here as well as some really cool one items that you will only find in Downtown Wenatchee!

Simply Unique -

I love walking through this store, wall to wall really cool stuff to find for the people in your life or maybe you!

Stan's Merry Mart -

Find the heavy duty Carhart sweaters and jackets here! Plus maybe you are looking to buy a BBQ, this is your spot!

Wenatchi Wear -

There are deep Native American roots within Wenatchee WA and Wenatchi Wear really captures that for the valley! Definitely give them a visit!

The Antique Mall of Wenatchee

Find a piece of history to gift! Maybe you'll even find that long lost doll that Grandma misses, surprise her!

Collin's Fashions -

You can find some of the cutest purses here! Shoes too! I highly recommend shopping here for the lady in your life!

Pickle Papers -

Maybe you need to send cards to people, stop into Pickle Papers and get the perfect Christmas Card! I promise you'll love the selections!

Ye Olde Bookshoppe -

The gift of Books! Perfect for the readers in your life! Check out the book above written by a local Wenatchee resident! Congratulations Matthew Pippin!

Arlberg Sports -

This store is LOVED by my mother and rightfully so! This store is packed with all the Ski and Snowboard equipment you need, plus biking needs! Highly recommend for the outdoor sportsman in your life!

American Shoe Shop -

You can buy your "Hey Dude" shoes here along with your business shoes and sandals! One of my favorite shops to check out shoes at!

Performance Footwear -

Another awesome shoe store for the runners and joggers in your life. See the selection of awesome shoes and more! I know a few people who religiously shop here, and always rave about the experience and shoes!

Salt Creek Apothecary -

Create art and be surrounded in this super awesome, super unique shop!

Tumbleweed Shop and Studio -

Here your find unique jewelry and cool stuff for the whole family! Get festive with a new candle from here! Candles for everyone! (Maybe just for you but I won't judge, I get it!)

Balsamroot Boutique -

One-of-a-kind jewelry and a huge selection to choose from! Mom would love something from here!

Firehouse Pet Shop -

Don't forget the fur babies!!!! This place is perfect to shop for your doggo or kitty. You can even bring your pet! But be sure to hide their eyes! No peaking before Christmas!

Earthwise Pet -


Another super awesome place to shop for your 4 legged friends. How cute would a Christmas Scarf for the pup be!? I rest my case.

Spruce and Willow Home -

Check out what to get for the home to make it cozier, maybe even find that Christmas decor you've been looking for! The gifts for home are always my favorite (as long as you know the person's taste in decor).

D'Olivo -

From chocolates to noodles, you can find some delicious gifts for the Christmas parties coming up or for a white elephant, you'll be the coolest gift giver around!

Wenatchee Natural Foods -

Find all the herbs, spices, natural remedies and even super yummy and fresh Smoothies here! I highly recommend getting a gift card from here so the Naturalist in your life can get their shopping on!


Now go forth and SHOP! I love the holidays and I love shopping local, let's support those mom-and-pop shops while getting the people in our lives something you can only find in Wenatchee WA!

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