Saturday, January 27th, 2024 will be the final open day for Dusty's on North Wenatchee Ave.

The owners of the Dusty's location are the same owners of "The Wild Huckleberry" and "The Huck at Pybus"

As a big thank you to our community, all Dusty single burgers will be $3.99 on Friday and Saturday. Thank you for all the support, and we hope to see you during our final days at Dusty’s. 🍔 - Dusty's via FB and Instagram

While the owners of the fine establishments are looking forward to focusing on offering all the best foods at The Huck and The Wild Huckleberry, I have to give these guys credit where credit is due!

Running three restaurants is almost impossible yet it was handled with such class!

If it weren't for the lovely Huckleberry owners, we would have lost our beloved Dusty's restaurant years ago.

Here's a refresher for you... Dusty’s In-N-Out To Reopen In January In North Wenatchee (

What will the Dusty's building turn into?

It could be turned into another breakfast joint in the near future.

Thank you for trying! Not easy in this economy for anyone, let alone a business revamp/start-up.

After Saturday Jan. 27th, 2024... We will just have to drive a bit further down the road to the Wild Huckleberry or even The Huck at Pybus! Not a bad idea to me!

Ya, with a plate like above... I am not complaining! GET IN MY BELLY!

And YES, what you see is what you get! Huge portions, HUGE pancakes and all the down-home breakfast / lunch comfort you could ask for!

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