Do you use these terms correctly?

Cookout vs. BBQ

@Landontalks on Instagram and Tiktok has been teaching his Southern ways with the rest of the world, and he is highly entertaining! I followed him months ago and always get super excited when a new video is posted. Makes me feel "southern" without even having stepped foot in a southern state!

Vie Landon's Southern Take on BBQ vs Cookout

Apparently Cookout means: Where you break out the hotdogs and burgers for the grill.

BBQ means: When the smoked meats come out and your uncle has probably been preparing the meats for hours.

Now it begs the question, how many Southern friends do I have, that I have invited to a BBQ, and were sorely disappointed when they saw Hamburgers and hotdogs being served?!

I mean, same thing right?! No, apparently, it's not.

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@LandonTalks has been teaching us his southern ways for a while now, and I'll just say as a Washington born and raised gal, I will be more than happy to refer to the backyard fun of a "bbq" as a cookout, cause lets be real, me and smoking meats doesn't happen, I'm game for frozen beef patties and a good ole Franks hot dog! Don't judge, that's my happy place, with some yummy side salads, omg yum!

Photo Credit: Aly/Canva
Photo Credit: Aly/Canva

Now, go tell your mom n them bout the difference and maybe we can all get on the same page. Either way though... Let's FEAST! (Elyse Meyers reference there).

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