Ok, so maybe you do want to have a nice date for Valentine's Day but, your single.

How can we get a date lined up for you in time for the big love day?

Well, I could give you a basic tip like...

Be Yourself!

But we have heard that already, So how can we approach the dating life the best without settling for less than we deserve?

I gotchu!

9 Best Ways to Land a Date

Let's be honest here, dating can be hard! And Honestly with all the new technology, it can be hard to navigate! Back to the basics! Below are some awesome tips to help you get out of "Singleton."

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Take a deep breath, you ok? Scared? Nervous? Calm?

No matter how you approach someone to ask on a date, the best thing you can always do is wear your smile proud and stand confidently.

But what if they say no?!

Then they say no and it's OK! We can't land all the hotties (hahaha, I can't believe I typed that.)

Remember there is another person in all of this and just because you are "hooked" does not mean they are.

What if they say yes?

The YAY! Now you get to have that coveted date and get to hang with someone you've had your eyes on. How fun!

But What if I want to stay single for Valentine's Day?

Go ahead, click the link below.

Want to Stay Single for Valentine's Day? Do These 5 Things

Have a date already?

Why are you reading this then?! Just kidding, I have the best gifts that are Valentine's day approved for you below!

Valentine's Day Approved gifts

If you get/do any of the items listed below, congratulations, you have avoided the dog house.

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Now, go forth and be happy! Remember, you don't have to settle for just anyone because you want a date for Valentine's Day, you can always hang with your other single friends and enjoy the day! Afterall, we should celebrate love, everyday, not just February 14th.

Items to Avoid gifting on Valentine's Day

Do not be that partner who gets any of the items listed below, then again, do, that is if you don't want the relationship to last much longer.

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Romanic Hot Spots For Valentine's Day in Wenatchee

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9 Things Women Really Want From Their Man on Valentine's Day

Women just proved that the best Valentine's Day gifts are absolutely free. Every man needs to know this information because the perfect gift is NOT found in a store.

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