If you are a parent, the coolest thing about Valentine's Day is that, we have precious valentines who love us unconditionally. My little girl will be my forever valentine and here’s 10 reasons why. 

I birthed her, so I called first dibs.  

She has the sweetest heart and mind.  

Snuggles! Ugh there’s nothing like snuggles from my little tot.  

She’s hilarious, ever in a dull mood? Talk to my little, she will cheer you right back up. 

She teaches me about love every day, and how I couldn’t even imagine how much love one child can give! 

Empathy, her heart and want to make sure the people around her are happy is just amazing.  

She’s, my bestie! I mean I am a momma first but that girl and I laugh together as if she’s just my built in best friend. 

Her love for all things snacks, because I love snacks, so we snack together. 

Strength, her strength to get through things she never experienced or has and she knows it's hard, just flabbergasts me! 

Her heart is made of gold and all things glitter. Makes me smile, laugh and exhausted, and I love every second of it.  

I really don’t even have to name off “reasons” why my little girl Jenna is my forever Valentine, comes with being a momma, but just in writing this article, it helps me as a parent, sit back and reflect. These are our babies, and they look up to us in every way. Showing love and giving love is the easiest thing I have ever done when it comes to being Jenna’s momma.  

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