What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day? Have you even started shopping yet? Is your mom super hard to shop for? I remember one holiday, we got my mother a lamp that was turned on by simply touching it. No switches or buttons; it was just touch-sensitive. I remember this present because I got in trouble for making the joke, “Great, now mom will yell, ‘TIM!!! COME TOUCH MY LAMP!’” My friend’s mom was even tougher to shop for; he just gave her cash for Mother’s Day one year. Good for him!

So what do moms want? Well, a recent survey by PRNewsLetter.com shows that mom has constantly been dropping hints. The kids/husband just doesn’t seem to pick them up! I argue that Mom usually told us to pick stuff up; she didn’t trust us to get the hint. If my clothes or toys were on the floor, I was told! The same goes with HINTS! You have to tell us!

“Oh, I don’t need anything, sweetie,” – Every Mom Ever.

So if moms are dropping hints, but they say they don’t want anything, then they are, in fact, lying, and I remember getting disciplined for lying. Well, we’ll let Dad do the spanking. We have to figure out what to get Mom for Mother’s Day!


Luckily, the survey pointed out some key things that might help with your gift-giving ideas. 38% of moms want a handmade gift. Even though I’m 41, it looks like I’m hitting the macaroni & glue isles at the store!


27% of moms would like something baked, like cookies. Whereas 37% hint about wanting a spa day!


These are all great, but almost half of all moms know exactly what they want. 49% say that the most meaningful thing their family can do for them is take care of the house, themselves, and everything. That way, they can kick back and relax. I think that’s doable.


What are you getting, your mom? Tap the App and let us know! (Seriously, I need ideas).

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