Christmas trees, big, small, medium, no matter the size there’s always one that’s just right for you and your family. This is my little girl Jenna’s and my first Christmas, just the two of us. In our home, we have enough space for a “normal” size tree, but I wanted to do something simple, small and just right for her and I, without breaking the bank.  

I visited hobby lobby and found our “perfect!” It’s a table top tree, perfect for an end table, I’ve even seen these on people's porch to add a little glimmer to their displays, but for Jenna and I? It sits delicately on the end table in our living room. Was really fun to find the different ornaments to put on the tree as well!


This year for something “new” to decorate the tree, instead of your basic “Red and Green,” “Red and Gold,’ etc. I chose to go with pinks, purples, blues and silver. Why the “non-traditional?” Well to be quite honest, I didn’t want to go overboard on décor and what have you because I wanted to focus on getting Jenna gifts as well as family, and just wanted a touch of Christmas Magic in our home, so I chose the “non-traditional.” By going non-traditional, I have been able to decorate for Christmas with ease because well the colors in my home are already Pinks, Purples, Blues and Silver! Boom! Add some lights and we have Christmas Magic my friend! I also grabbed the curtain lights that hung upstairs in the loft and brought them downstairs to hang on the main windows and add a bit of twinkle to the “just right for us” tree. 

No matter the size of your tree, the shape, or color scheme, make it yours and be proud of that real or fake tree! It’s Christmas time and those presents just want something pretty to sit under 😊 

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