It has happened to all of us... We receive a gift from someone over the holiday’s that, well, we simply don’t want or need. Do we return it? Use it anyway? Regift it? What the heck do you do with something like that?  


I mean sure, regifting is nice, and at least someone will use it right? But make sure the person who gifted you the gift, has somewhat of a head up first. I mean, I know it’s awkward to say “Thanks! But I am giving this to someone else cause I don’t need it.” But it sure beats 6 months from now when you see the person who gave you the gift originally asks, “how you still like, "said item.”  

Use it anyway: 

Unless it’s like really specific to something, I mean you could always give er a whirl... Say it’s a gift card to a home goods store, or say Hooked on Toys, and you are not into sporting goods, still shop around! Hooked on toys for example has more stuff than just you're hunting and sporting goods! Im aware not all places are like that and not all gifts are either, but like I love to say... “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!” Heck, you could use the gift card to buy someone something or even the gift giver, something for them. Just ideas 😊  

Return It: 

You do not have to “just accept the gift.” You can find out where it was bought and return/exchange the gift for something you actually want. Do let the person know you are thankful for the thought of you and the generous gift. 

No matter what you choose to do with the gift someone got you, that you didn’t want/ or need. Be humble, thankful and gracious, heck the person didn’t have to get you anything! Yet they did 😊 Now handle it with class.  Also, if you are gifting someone a gift and maybe you aren't sure if they will use/need the item, include a gift receipt. 

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