Imagine with me for a second. You are walking along the quaint downtown of Cashmere WA, and you spot a shop that says, “Doanes Valley Pharmacy and Soda Fountain.” You walk in and are greeted by welcoming smiles and gifts galore to purchase, or even something for yourself. You wonder aimlessly and see all the stuffs to purchase from greeting cards to home décor even. You make your way to the back of the store and see a pharmacist and the pharmacy techs working hard, and to the left you spot some old-fashioned seats, curious, you wonder over to take a look. Once you’ve reached the cherry red seats, you noticed that it’s an entire set up to enjoy a nice malt or milkshake!  

You can stop imagining now, and actually visit this place! For real! Doane’s Valley Pharmacy and Soda Fountain I just recently discovered in the heart of Cashmere WA. Such a cool little place to check out, and you can tell they take pride in their shop! Clean displays organized and ready for you to purchase! 

There’s something to say about small town businesses but it’s another to talk about this particular place. The pharmacy portion is awesome, and you can find just about anything you may need for a cut, scrape or even have your doctor send the prescription over. One thing really special though is the genuine Soda Fountain.

Soda fountains, not your typical “soda fountain machine” that gives you pop, I’m talking like a full scale, sit down, have a malt, shake or one of their signature drinks. And be brought back to the 50’s!  

Some of their treats include: 

The Green River- Touted to taste “just like the old days.” Lime syrup, 7-up and a hint of sours.  

Phosphate - Fountain Flavor of Your Choice, Soda Water and an added squirt of their own Phosphate Mix. (Yes, it's safe for consumption)  

Mt. Cashmere Sundae- Honestly this treat looks like it could feed the family and give everyone an equally high sugar rush! Yum! 

Cloud 9 – Ice cream of your choice on a bed of whipped cream.  

You should really check this gem of a store out! The prices of the treats make you feel like your “back in time.” the feel of the store is just calming and charming. The people you meet will make your heart feel warm! Thank you, Doane’s Valley Pharmacy, for bringing memories back and treats to "malt" over!  


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